Guests and their pets are always welcome in Grand Hotel Vidgof!

Since its opening and for the past eight years, our hotel has been Pet Friendly.

We are happy to provide this category of guests with a personalized welcome, care and attention, as well as to surprise them with pleasant bonuses. At the reception of the hotel you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire, so that we could get to know your pet better and learn about his peculiarities.

Considering the needs of guests travelling with their beloved pets, the Grand Hotel Vidgof has created special conditions and regulations for accommodation with pets.

Tips and wishes for pet owners who come to Grand Hotel Vidgof:

- Have a special carrier (cage) for the pet and a special mat for its sleep;

- for the safety of your pet in your absence, we recommend that it be placed in its own carrying case (cage), which you should also notify the hotel staff;

- for the animal's natural needs which do not require walking, it is advisable that you bring a litter box or other special accessories with you;

- To ensure the guests' comfort during their stay in the hotel and the surrounding area it is forbidden to bring pets into the hotel's restaurant, recreation center and other common areas. It is not recommended to walk your pet in the parking lot.

We will try to provide additional supplies for your pet upon request. Just contact the receptionist for more information.

The price for one pet in the room is 1500 rubles for the entire stay.

Additionally a deposit of 5000 rubles (depending on the room category and size of the pet) is charged, which is refunded upon check-out if the hotel property is safe.

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