Restaurant “Kurazh” delivers food to the airport!

Requests are accepted by the phone number: +7 (951) 483 11 23

How do I arrange for the delivery of onboard meals on the plane?
  • Required information
    For delivery of on-board meals on the plane it is necessary to send information 24 hours before departure:

    Contact information - full name and phone number
    Dish from Courage restaurant menu and number of dishes
    Flight date
    Flight number
    Flight itinerary (from which city you are going to)
    Time of delivery to the airport
  • Ordering
    You can place your order by the phone number: +7 (963) 468 61 02.
    Tell all the necessary information to the manager.
  • Payment for delivery of on-board meals
    There are several ways to pay for delivery-boarding
    Payment by bank card number / phone number linked to the card
    Payment by qr-code, which your manager sends to your phone number
    Payment invoice
Professional packaging

Professional packaging

We use high-quality packaging for meals - aluminum foil container.
Each dish is packed separately, to preserve the quality and taste of food, so that on the plane you can taste the dish as in a restaurant.

Airport delivery

We have a well-established on-board shop that delivers food directly to your plane.
From our restaurant, meals are delivered by shuttle to the airport.

Airport delivery
Printed Menu

Printed Menu

Each order is accompanied by a printed menu for passengers with the name of all dishes that have been ordered.

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