Grand Hotel Vidgof

Karaoke-bar "Kurazh"

Grand Hotel Vidgof
Karaoke-bar "Kurazh"

Karaoke bar "Kurazh" is a fashionable place for those who like to relax merrily and comfortably, to spend time in a pleasant company and have a delicious meal! There is a stylish bar, comfortable soft zones with sofas, a stage and a dance floor - everything you need to feel like a star!

The atmosphere of the night complements the luxurious interior, and fine cuisine and 5-star service will help you both to relax and to express your feelings, and to strengthen business and friendly relations.

So, for you:

- Crystal clear sound.

- Delicate backing vocals

- Compliment from the house.

There is a fee of 500₽ at the door.

Opening hours:

- Friday, Saturday 8:00-06:00 p.m.

- Tuesday, Thursday 20:00-04:00

- Sunday, Monday: free time

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