+7 (351) 220-00-00
Chelyabinsk, Avenue. Lenina, 26A
+7 (351) 220-06-26


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Оценка: 5
Отзыв №3
I was staying at this hotel for business. Very clean, nice rooms. They do have restaurants and bars (including a karaoke bar) at the hotel but I opted for room service as I was tired from traveling. Great selection and fast service. The front desk staff was knowledgeable and helpful.
Nicola D
Оценка: 5
Отзыв №2
Like other travelers suggested, this is probably the best hotel in town.Big rooms, high cleaning standard, friendly staff and a good driver-service to pick up you at the airport.I had no opportunity to visit the city, so I can't provide you informations about interesting things to visit in the area.On the hotel back is located a big shopping mall where you can find all you need.
Bruce H
Оценка: 5
Отзыв №1
I hd the opportunity to stay at the Grand Hotel Vidgof while on a business trip to Chelyabinsk. This is truly a grand hotel, in every connotation that goes with that term. It is conveniently located downtown near a shopping center, and with easy access to go anywhere in the city. The restaurant was quite good, by any standard. There is even a nightclub with Karaoke on the premises. I would easily choose to stay here again on future visits to Chelyabinsk.